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Is the galaxy full of Earths?
Jim Bell says NASA's latest discovery support the notion that habitable worlds are probably common in the galaxy.

Ukraine crisis could pull U.S. to war
Graham Allison says if an unchecked and emboldened Russia foments conflict in a nation like Latvia, a NATO member with a Russian speaking population, the West would have to defend it.

See why Navy paid $3 billion for this
The US Navy's newest stealth destroyer is twice as long as the Statue of Liberty but barely shows up on radar.


Beautiful weather ensures success of DeWitt flea market
When the Arocha family first made Easter plans, shopping wasn't on the itinerary.

Only 2,000 of 11,000 Detroit rape kits have been examined
Nearly five years after the discovery of 11,000 abandoned rape kits in a Detroit police warehouse sparked outrage, only about 2,000 of the kits have undergone DNA testing, allowing serial rapists to remain free and in some cases re-offend.

Lacey's rock at MSU stands untouched through last weeks of classes
In a different year, Justin Noye and his fellow pledges from Delta Kappa Epsilon would have been painting the Rock, the 18,000-year-old pudding stone that serves as monument, billboard and soapbox for Michigan State University's campus.

What's happening at my library?
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